Oceanid Invasion is Live!

The Oceanids begin their assault on Aelion, seeking to inhabit our oceans and irradiate all life above the waves.

All able-bodied gods and immortals are invited to participate in Invasion missions. Participating in Invasion missions will earn Eidos, which in turn can be used in the Laboratory to earn Knowledge & increase your ranking. Knowledge is used on one end of the Invasion Atlas, providing Resistances and other stats. Increasing your Rank gives a chance of earning highly beneficial rewards, such as Epic Equipment and Faith consumables, every 8 hours of research.


Keep in mind that the Oceanid Avatar will not be accompanying their army during this assault, so be sure to continue your progress in the Oceanid Atlas to ensure you’re fully prepared for the day the Avatar finally arrives. Additionally, we caution all brave immortals who possess 0 Cold resistance to be extra careful near any of the Oceanid's chilly bubbles until at least a few points of Resistance have been earned. The effects these have on a body with absolutely no resistance to its effects prove extremely dangerous. Avoid them at all costs!


Along with the Invasion adventures themselves, you can complete the following Oceanid-centric adventures to earn Oceanid Tokens and earn yourself plenty of Oceanid Sparks for use in the aforementioned Oceanid Atlas!

  • Port Naori
  • Ardos Monestary
  • Thais Temple
  • Thorneus's Camp
  • Mare Sacro Monastery