Operation Hyperion: Code Red!

Hackers have intercepted 5 codes that are vital to Aelion’s defence systems and plan to use these codes to alter the Hyperion effects and weaken our efforts to push back the Invading forces, threatening all of Aelion.

Ianna needs you to locate the missing codes and save Aelion from impending doom. This is a highly risky operation; track down and deliver as many codes as possible to the NPC Amitha who will then transfer them to Ianna, thus avoiding interception from the invading forces.



Locating the Codes - September 6 to 10

Five 6 digit numerical codes will be hidden across our Social Media posts (Facebook, Twitter) this week or in official Discord announcements.

Delivering the Code September 11 to 12

After locating the codes, collect as many as you can, then find the NPC Amitha in game:

  • Take screenshot of your character with Amitha
  • Contact a Community Manager on Discord via Direct Message only, (we do not want these codes to fall into the wrong hands) providing the following information:
    o Any codes you have located
    o Your screenshot with Amitha, self targeted showing your characters name
    o Your character name, platform and region.

Community Managers receiving entries will be:

  • [DE-CM] Hicksrit#8820
  • [EN-CM] Skoll#7578


  • 100 million Credits: A prize pool of 100 million Credits will be split between all players that successfully deliver at least one code.
  • Legendary Weapons: The Ten player to successfully deliver all five codes for each platform and region will also receive a legendary weapon of their choice!

Godspeed immortals, the future of Aelion is in your hands!