[PC] Trick or Treat!

Evil stirs in the pumpkin patches of Aelion. Will you rise to eat it? This Halloween, brace yourself for supernatural frights and delights with the return of the Trick or Treat event!

Two doors lie before you, and your choice is the difference between gourd and evil. Pick the Trick door and you’ll get nothing! Choose the Treat door, and you’ll receive an Evil Pumpkin Gift which will reward you with random goodies like Candies, Candy Replicators, Argents, Credits, and Victor's Medals!


Open a door every day to claim spooktacular Trick or Treat rewards until November 10 at 22:00 CET/13:00 PDT, when the doors vanish from Aelion…


IMPORTANT: The Trick or Treat doors will reset at 17:00 PDT/16:00 PST daily. Rewards are not guaranteed and will be distributed randomly throughout the event.