[PC] Winter Wonderworlds Sale: Unlock Exclusive Deals!

The weather outside is frightful, but these deals are so delightful. Unlock access to new sales every week as part of Winter Wonderworlds! From December 20 until December 27, you can buy Packs filled with exclusive cosmetics and valuable items, and Keys to unlock Chests containing random rare items on MY.GAMES Market.


You’ve hit the jackpot! These Packs were previously only available to newsletter subscribers:

  • Ronin of the Rose Pack: Justice is in bloom. Rout evil in the rose-colored garb of a lone warrior, and prepare for adventures with your faithful new pink Shiba Inu Companion!
  • Worker Bee Pack: There’s no sting in this deal. Team up with Pattley, your new busy bee Companion, and get hundreds of consumables to aid you on your adventures together.
  • Bionic Backup Pack: From a mysterious portal in time and space, the Cubie Companion is here to join your adventure! Don your Modula Laboratory Coat, take your Credits and Premium time, and go get that cake.
  • Rebirth Inferno Pack: Rekindle your gear in fire with a collection of Rebirth Flames!

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Unlock new content from Chests and Boxes on MY.GAMES Market using Keys! Get up to 20% off when buying 10 or more Keys, and use them to open Chests that contain random items from a rare selection:

These Chests and Boxes are loaded with unique cosmetic and consumable contents, but don’t worry, you’re not going in blind! You can see their potential contents by clicking their icon on MY.GAMES Market, and you can see exactly what’s inside before you open them by clicking the ‘Open’ button. Contents will remain the same until you make a purchase – the Chest or Box will then refresh, and you’ll be able to get a totally new one.

Winter Wonderworlds, brought to you by MY.GAMES, is a holiday event featuring free gifts, sales, and special events across a raft of different games, including World War 3, Conqueror’s Blade, Warface, Revelation Online, and Blast Brigade. Visit the Winter Wonderworlds hub to explore different worlds and dive into new gaming experiences this holiday season!