[PC|PS] Pantheon Wars season 8 Now Live!

Put on your best gear and get ready to battle the mightiest immortals as the Pantheon Wars begin on PC and PlayStation! Battle every second Sunday from March 26 for rewards and a huge prize pot of Argents.

Please note: we will announce the date of the first battle on Xbox later, when the issue with the Xbox Marketplace is solved.


Your Pantheon members will be rewarded with treasures such as Argents for each victorious battle, and there will be a huge prize pool of Argents to be earned by this Season’s victorious Pantheons accumulated from sales of Compendium Packs.
The base prize pool is 10,000,000 Argents - how high will it go? 100% of the Argent value of every Pack sold will go into the prize pool and be awarded to the mightiest Pantheons at the end of the Season!

This time we prepared new packs for all immortals! Get Exoskeleton Modules, Sparks of the God Killer, Credits, and increase your prize pool. Contribute to the history of the Aelion!


Pack Name Contents
SPACE FRONTIER (3,000 Argents) 3-day Hyperion Lease Contract
SCIENTIFIC CONTRIBUTION (6,500 Argents) • 1,000,000 Credits

• 10 Exoskeleton parts
SECRET CONTRIBUTION (3,000 Argents) • Open the capsule to receive a random reward. You can find the full list of possible rewards and their description in the promotion window.
SAPPHIRE CONTRIBUTION (20,000 Argents) • Exoskeleton Modules Set (Pantheon Colors)
Sure Steps, Cornerstone, Last Barrier, and Pillar of the World.

• 3 Sparks of the God Killer (deals additional damage to Gods)
TOPAZ CONTRIBUTION (20,000 Argents) • Exoskeleton Modules Set (Pantheon Colors)
Demon's Steps, Nihaz's Visage, Astral Claws, and Bel'Phaar's Spine.

• 3 Sparks of the God Killer (deals additional damage to Gods)

NOTE: previous packs are also available in the ingame Market, however, their purchase will not increase the prize pool of the Pantheon Wars.

At the end of the Season, prize Argents will be distributed among all members who have been part of the eight strongest Pantheons in the Golden League (depending on their position in the final standings) for at least a month at the time of reward distribution, and who have participated in at least three Pantheon Battles during the Season.


First, you need to join a Pantheon. If you’re struggling to find one in-game or among your own friends, you can join the official Skyforge Discord server, where plenty of fellow Immortals may also be looking to team up! Once you’ve joined a Pantheon, play Skyforge during scheduled Pantheon Wars, and go to the dedicated menu tab to take part.


At the start of the season, Legendary Stones of Power will also become available - these stones have special PvP properties and can be very useful in battles.

Name Ability Stats (same for all)
Beacon of Protection (Sapphire) Every time the character takes damage from another immortal that exceeds 15% of your health, your General Defense will be increased by 20%. The effect stacks up to 3 times and lasts 15 seconds.
Emitter of Despair (Ruby) Enemies within 7 yards of the character have a negative effect applied to them that reduces their Healing Efficiency by 30% and General Defense by 10%.
Mark of Menar (Ruby) The character's movement speed is increased by 5% for every enemy in a 7 yard radius.
Dispel Charms (Topaz) Energy attack classes (Witch, Cryomancer, Necromancer, Kinetic) will deal 30% less damage to the character.
Sword Destroyer (Topaz) Melee classes (Berserker, Slayer, Monk, Revenant) will deal 30% less damage to the character.
Illusory Target (Topaz) Ranged classes (Outlaw, Archer, Gunner) will deal 30% less damage to the character.

Just like with jewelry, you can equip only one legendary Stone of Power at a time. Legendary Stones of Power can be obtained in various PvP battles and from Battle Rewards.

At the end of the Season, the Commanders of the Top 3 Pantheons can pick three legendary Stones of Power from the list. Members of the Top 1 Pantheon get three stones, and Top 2 and Top 3 get two and one stone, respectively.

As usual, at the end of the Season, three winners will be able to activate additional Hyperion modules or upgrade the existing modules.

Ready to hit the battlefield? Pantheon Wars are now active!