[PC|PS|Xbox] Mechanoids are here!

The mechanoid fleet is already here! Fight back against these mechanical creatures and earn awesome rewards including the new God Form! Complete as many seasonal challenges as possible and explore the new Atlas to get stronger. For your efforts, you could get alot of useful resourses, costume, wings and a lot more. The Season Pass is **20% off right now** and if you purchase it on sale, you’ll get a Halo as an instant unlock.
The new Season is live now on PC and PS and coming to Xbox with the next maintenance!

Normal Catch-up Soft Cap
Equipment generation PC: 44
PS: 38
Xbox: 34
Maximum number of followers in the Cathedral PC: 2,071,600
PS: 1,753,600
Xbox: 1,541,600
PC: 2,000,600
PS: 1,682,600
Xbox: 1,470,600
PC: 2,058,600
PS: 1,740,600
Xbox: 1,528,600
Maximum rank of the Tower of Knowledge PC: 470
PS: 410
Xbox: 370
PC: 457
PS: 397
Xbox: 357
PC: 468
PS: 408
Xbox: 368
Terra/Thea rank PC: 490-492
PS: 430-432
Xbox: 390-392
Avatar PC: 504
PS: 444
Xbox: 404
Trophy Booster Cap PC: 57
PS: 57
Xbox: 57


Complete Seasonal Challenges to earn points throughout the Invasion and progress through up to 20 levels of special rewards, including exclusive limited-time items! Seasonal Challenges are divided into Easy, Normal, and Hard categories, and more will be unlocked as the Invasion progresses (in the first, third, and fifth weeks). You’ll earn more points when completing certain challenges within the first few days of each stage, so check back often to finish your Invasion Pass even faster!


The Avatar is the single most powerful enemy boss and it requires teamwork, tenacity, and tremendous strength to defeat. The Integrator is the leader of the invading forces and will arrive on Aelion in two forms: Training and Champion. The Training Avatar is for beginners and those new to Godhood. It is adapted for groups of five characters and will definitely prepare you to eventually face the Champion Avatar. Claim Avatar Trophies to unlock Divine Aspects!

1 Mythical Equipment Capsule
2 15 Eidoi
3 Special Focus of Faith x2
4 Improved Rebirth Flame I
5 Secret Contribution (Secret Contribution (does not increase the Panteon Wars prize pool))
6 Wings of the Mechanoid Vindicator
7 Eidoi Replicators x15
8 30 Eidoi
9 15.000 Knowlrge of Enemies
10 New God Form
11 Improved Rebirth Flame II
12 Mirror Cube x2
13 Improved Rebirth Flame III
14 Chest of the Creator
15 Sparks Pack (two items)
16 Sparks Pack x2
17 Improved Rebirth Flame IV
18 Weapon Capsule x2
19 Blazing Visage costume
20 Invasion Fighter Award

• Title

• Portrait and Portrait Frame

• 200,000 Knowledge of Enemies

• 3,000 Argents

• 3,000,000 Credits

Skyforge is free to play and available to download from MY.GAMES on PC, from the PlayStation Store on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and the Microsoft Store on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.