[PC|PS|XBOX|SWITCH] St. Patrick’s Day is Here!

Green Week is here! St. Patrick’s Day is on so many calendars around the world for good reason, and ours is no different. In our case, Aelion is ready to celebrate with dancing and goodies! We’ll give you a hint as to how to get these goodies: you might want to help the mysterious green dancers when you see them, as some say they are trickster gods who bring good luck and generous rewards.


For the duration of the event, which lasts until March 24, all plant sources of Rare Crystallite turn into Magic Clovers. When collecting this resource, you will also receive a small amount of Ether Clovers and perhaps even an Amulet of Luck – a special four-leaf clover. Use the amulet in Group adventures to get a random positive effect that lasts until the adventure is done. The positive effect can be more damage, a health bonus, a faster ultimate recharge, or other exciting buffs.

The legendary green dancers are more likely to appear if you use a four-leaf clover in a Squad adventure to activate a great Blessing of Luck.

Once you have enough Ether Clovers, you can trade them for costumes, mounts, and even emotes! There are brand new items to get your hands on too, so if you want some extra green in your life and your wardrobe, take a look at new wings and costumes!

Please note that new rewards will be available on Xbox, Play Station, and PC after the next week's maintenance.