Phytonide Invasion is Live! 05/02/2016

The Phytonides continue their relentless assault in an attempt to turn Aelion’s citizens into their personal fertilizer.

Invasions are a large-scale activity available to all players who have received access to their Divine Form. Characters who successfully increase their rankings in the Laboratory for each invading army will be provided access to new Invasion-specific adventures. While it is not possible to “lose” an Invasion that does not have an accompanying Avatar, the event will still require commitment from the players to reach their maximum potential: Equipment can be improved, new Symbols will be available, stats can be drastically increased, and you’ll even learn who your worthiest companions truly are!

While an Invasion is active, two special assignments will be available to your Adepts every 8 hours. The first will provide Gifts, bring new followers to your Order, and award 12 Faith Points to those that have unlocked their Divine Form. The second awards 10 Victor’s Medals which functions as a special currency used to buy various goods in the Invasion section of the marketplace.

Your loyal Adepts are not the only ones who will be busy with special assignments – during the Invasion you will have special tasks waiting for you as well! Theses missions will appear on the Divine Observatory globe and cycle every day to provide new opportunities depending on your level of research within the Laboratory.

  • Rank 1 – Infected Territories & Crashed Aircraft
  • Rank 4 – Lending a Hand
  • Rank 6 – Defense of Fortifications
  • Rank 8 – Crash Site
  • Rank 10 – Phytonide Flagship
  • Rank 12 – Coming of Machavann & Machavann’s Avatar

Completing any of the Invasion Adventures will net you special rewards for the maximum rating obtained!

  • C Rating – 10 Sparks of Divinity
  • B Rating – Reliquary containing Sparks of Insight
  • A Rating – 10 Sparks of Divinity
  • S Rating – A uniquely colored costume obtainable only from that adventure!

Please note that these rewards can only be obtained once!

Skyforge Invasion Phytonides

Participation in Invasion Adventures will earn the player Eidoses which can be used in the aforementioned Laboratory to expand their Knowledge of the Phytonides. This Knowledge, in turn, can be used on one half of the Phytonide Atlas to increase your Resistances, increase general statistics, and further empower your Invasion symbols or talents.

Players who do not possess sufficient Rankings or the Divine Form can still participate in Aelion’s defense by visiting Adventures that are inhabited by Phytonides such as:

  • Alakur Island
  • Daren Facility

Completion of these Adventures will result in obtaining Tokens for that invading Army which, in turn, will unlock Sparks required for expanding one side of Phytonide Atlas. The more tokens obtained, the more Sparks will be rewarded. Your current progression can be viewed at any time by selecting the Invasion’s marker in the Divine Observatory.

Some of the most notable nodes available in the Phytonide Atlas include:

  • “Deadly Roots” – Your attacks may spawn roots that will chase your enemy and inflict damage.
  • “Cultivation” – Your abilities that boost a target’s stats can create a few seeds on them. The seeds will be launched at their next target.
  • “Regenerative Mechanism” – Regeneration is increased by 3% for each level of the Symbol.
  • “Adaptive Shell” – For every 10% of health lost you gain an effect that reduces incoming damage by 20/24/28/32/36/40%, depending on the Symbol’s level. Duration of the effect is 4 seconds with an additional 0.5 seconds per level of the symbol.
  • “The Might of Other Worlds” – Increases Might Efficiency by 3% per level of this Symbol.

Additionally, upon completion of the first Invasion related activity players will be placed into an active Operation. Operations will provide players both personal goals as well as total progression goals for all players taking part. Meeting these goals allows the player to gain extra rewards and potentially move to a higher tiered operation!

Good luck!