Promo - Rudiments of Botany

Who would have thought that a little botany could lead to acquiring an all-terrain assault glider, a set of scout battle armor and armfuls of riches! All this and more can be yours if you lend the XTN Agency your assistance from the 16th of June to June 23rd.

Despite most of Aelion's scientists leaving in droves to delve into the mysteries of Thea, a research group in a completely different field of science have had a stroke of luck back here on Aelion itself. Thanks to an airborne collision during the recent invasion, a Phytonide ship was sent plummeting out of the skies and into Immortal territory which, once recovered and secured, was placed into the eager hands of the Xenobiological Threat Neutralization Agency. 


Given the events that transpired after the Emerald Stream, coupled with the persistence of Phytonide invasions in general, the opportunity to disect and study intact Phytonide technology is being taken with the measure of seriousness and enthusiasm you would expect from Aelion's most dedicated researchers. Chomping at the bit to learn the secrets held within the captured Phytonide vessel, the XTN Agency is sparing no expense - calling upon all available Immortals to assist them with this exciting task.


By lending the aid of your loyal adepts to the XTN Agency during their investigation, you can get your immortal mittens on a huge range of valuable assets such as precious currencies and medals, knowledge of enemies, an impressive all-terrain "Hurricane" special assault glider, or even a top of the line set of Scout Battle Armor!

Awards for the first round

knowledge credits 3prem knowledge victor
Knowledge of Enemies Credits Premium Subscription Knowledge of Enemies Victor's Medals
Count 2,000 75,000 1 3,500 5,000
Progress 10 25 50 100 200
victor premium7 victor mount costume
Victor's Medals Premium Subscription Victor's Medals "Hurricane" Special Assault Glider Scout Battle Armor
Count 10,000 2 15,000 1 1
Progress 350 550 900 1200 1500

Awards for the second round

knowledge credits victor knowledge credits
Knowledge of Enemies Credits Victor's Medals Knowledge of Enemies Credits
Count 3,500 150,000 2,000 7,000 350,000
Progress 10 25 50 100 200
victor knowledge credits premium7 victor
Victor's Medals Knowledge of Enemies Credits Premium Subscription Victor's Medals
Count 3,000 10,000 600,000 1 5,000
Progress 350 550 900 1200 1500

Do not let this opportunity go to waste, Immortal. Not only will you assist Aelion in understanding the ever present Phytonide threat, but also earn yourself one heck of a plant-kicking collection of goods.

Sound good to you? Then head on over to our Rudiments of Botany Page for all the juicy details!

-The Skyforge Team