Promotion: Rat-Catcher from Ravis

Dear friends!

A wandering musician promised to rid the town of rats. His method was unusual yet effective: at the magical sounds of his flute, the rats were leaving the town. But the musician asked too high a price. When the town failed to collect the required amount, the Rat-Catcher played another tune and led all the children out of the town.

Terrified and broken-hearted parents ask for help, and Flavius wants to know how this strange minstrel managed to gain power over people’s minds. Your adepts are needed more than ever.

The event runs from 11.01.2019 to 24.01.2019. To take part in the Rat-Catcher from Ravis event, open the special interface by pressing the 9 key.

The famous tale of the Rat-Catcher has become a cruel reality for a small town on Aelion. We must make sense of the situation and bring back the missing children!

Unique Rewards

Companion Twisty

This cheerful musical companion can make any adventure unforgettable!

Mirror Cube

Can be used to create a duplicate of a selected equipment item. Quality and Integrity of the item will remain unchanged. You can keep the desired properties of the item.

Legendary Relics

Mysterious Ore

  • +9 to Constitution.
  • +1200 to Health Modifier.

Symbiotic Metal

  • +9 to Intelligence.
  • +1200 to Companion Damage Modifier.


  • +9 to Perception.
  • +1200 to Critical Damage Multiplier.

Guitar Pick of Destiny

  • +9 to Agility.
  • +1200 to Base Damage Modifier.

Each adept can use only one such relic.

You can receive up to 8 relics during the event - 4 in the first circle, and 4 more by using Relic Fragments. Once you have received 8 relics, the reward will change to 3 Special Focuses of Faith that grant 1000 Faith each.

To accelerate missions, use Intelligence Data or Argents. Intelligence Data can be obtained in PvE adventures: from 1 item for victory over the last boss in Squad adventures. Killing bosses in group adventures brings more Data. The reward size depends on the character’s and adventure’s current rank. The amount of Intelligence Data you can obtain is not limited. Once you have accumulated 3000 Intelligence Data, the chance of getting it is reduced, and you will receive a smaller amount.
You can purchase an Intelligence Data Extractor in the Resources section of the Market. It increases the amount of Intelligence Data received for killing the boss in a PvE adventure.





The battle equipment box that can be obtained during the promotion contains all possible weapons from the previous "Battle Equipment - Power Edition". Click here to see the contents.