Promotion: The voice of the great serpent

Thousands of years ago, when this world and its residents were still finding their own way, the Aelion gods were not the only ones worshipped by mortals. There were many religions and cults: people prayed to natural phenomena and inanimate objects, to self-proclaimed prophets and wild animals - but over time, those trends proved their falseness, and worshipping immortals became the main religious trend in Aelion.

It occurred naturally because the immortals were real, and every believer could meet them personally. They also responded to the prayers of their followers unlike, say, trees in a forest. Aeli was the one to cement the new tradition of worship when he united all believers of Aelion by the power of his personality and became a Great God. But even that event could not completely eradicate small cults and sects which appeared and disappeared all the time.

Aeli, like an enlightened leader, regarded it with patience, but Ianna had a different view: mortals’ faith was too important for Aelion’s victory over invaders, so whatever false cults took it away from the Council of Gods had to be exposed and eliminated.

Today we are dealing with the Cult of the World Serpent. Its followers from a remote village stopped praying to the Council of Gods because their ancient god reached out to them for the first time in the last three thousand years.

Ianna could use your adepts’ help!



Note: Vigo is still learning how to talk. His voice lines will be delivered in the next update.

From April 25th, through May 9th, participate in the Voice of the Great Serpent event. Send your adepts to search for the cultists and get new divine abilities, as well as a new companion - Vigo, the talking Tobi!

Progress on the scale of guaranteed rewards will earn you credits, Knowledge of Enemies, Stimulants, Victor's Medals, Premium subscription days and upgrades.

Note! You can receive 21 000 Victor's Medals on the second and subsequent circles of the promotion. If you decided to purchase rank 6 in the Hall of Trophies - there is no better time to do that!


Send your adepts on missions to get a chance at scoring one of three premium rewards!






The size of promotional grand prizes has been increased ! If your adepts manage to find especially valuable information, you will receive one of three premium rewards:

  • 10 000 000 credits,
  • 30 000 Argents,
  • 500 progress points on the guaranteed reward scale.

Important! To accelerate missions, you can use Intelligence Data or Surveillance Reports Stimulants can no longer be used to complete event missions.

Intelligence Data can be obtained in PvE adventures: for victory over a boss in Squad and Group adventures. Killing bosses in group adventures brings more data. The reward size depends on the character’s and adventure’s current rank. You cannot gain more than 2500 pcs. of Intelligence Data in PvE adventures.

You can purchase an Intelligence Data Extractor in the Events section of the Market. It increases the amount of Intelligence Data received for killing the boss in a PvE adventure.
Surveillance Reports are rarer: there is a small chance of getting them for defeating bosses in Squad and Group adventures. The number of reports you can get during a promotion is not limited. When the event is over, all unused Surveillance Reports will be converted into credits (1 to 20 000).

Please note that you will not see a notification if you receive a Surveillance Report. You can view the amount of this currency in the event interface.

Do not miss out on this chance to unlock new divine abilities and a talkative companion!