Reap the Reapers Event


Aelion is swarmed by Thanatos' minions and underlings. It is upon us to defeat the Reapers of Death! Grab your Pantheon, your friends or rush to battle by yourself but by all means, we must REAP THE REAPERS!

This six-week-long cross-server and cross-platform in-game event will allow you to grab one of the fantastic new costumes and activate Aeli's Blessing for everyone! This event will be running from the 1st of February to the 14th of March!

How to participate

Complete distortions or the rotating region quests during the event period to get points towards the overall score.

Reap the distortions

Complete one of the four Reapers of Death 10-player adventures.

Those are unlocked successively throughout the invasion. (week 1, week 3 and week 5)

Distortion Image

Each completion of the adventure will give everyone in the group 1 point towards the overall score.

Reap the Regions

The Lanber Forest is the reapers target! Each time you complete the quests in the changing region quests you obtain 1 point towards the overall score.

Lanber Forest

The three quests in question are:

Act of intimidation

Thanatos is not pleased about your resistance. He has sent his Punishers to Aelion - four elite warriors. Join forces with other immortals and take out the enemy!


Sorcerers of the Army of Death are carrying out a ritual to summon Thanatos' forces to their aid. Eliminate them to keep the Army of Death from gaining an advantage.


Stop the epidemic of plague. Protect the neutralizers in the Templar camps.


There are two different rewards for Distortions and Region Quests that you can work towards! But the score from both activities counts towards the overall score for both rewards. No matter what you do, you will contribute!

If you complete Distortions you unlock a costume and if you complete the Regions challenges you can unlock Aeli's Blessing for your server.


Every time you finish a Distortion you will increase the overall score. There are multiple costumes that you can get. Finishing a specific Distortions makes you eligible for a selected costume. To be eligible for all costumes you need to complete all four distortions atleast once and the overall score of the event needs to be reached as well. You can see the scores needed below:

Each score tier unlocks the costume. Finishing the Distortion will make you eligible for the reward. Only the bravest immortals will manage to defeat all distortions and show off the legendary costume!

Unlocked Low Score Reward
Eligible after finishing Tribe of Shukur Distortion

Unlocked Medium Score Reward
Eligible after finishing Frenzied Carrions Distortion

High Score Reward
Eligible after finishing Melegh Distortion

Legendary Score Reward
Eligible after finishing Imenad Distortion

Aeli's Blessing

The score for the whole event and from all platforms (PS4, XBOX, PC) is counted towards the Aeli's Blessing reward ! The more points you gather the longer Aeli's Blessing will last.


  • Low Score - 2 days for all servers Aeli's Blessing
  • Mid Score - 3 days for all servers Aeli's Blessing
  • High Score - 5 days for all servers Aeli's Blessing
  • Legendary Score - 7 days for all servers Aeli's Blessing

With Aeli's Blessing active, Credits and Knowledge of Enemies drop at a 50% increased rate from adventures!

We wish you a good hunting season immortals! Let the Reapers know what fear truly looks like.

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