The Reaper of Death Invasion is Approaching!

Has everyone already sharpened their swords and cleaned their pistols? A Reapers of Death invasion will begin shortly. There are new adventures on the map and the strength of monsters in certain groups has increased. The invasion is led by the Sukur Tribe - generals of the first Reapers of Death distortion.


The first week of the invasion marks the emergence of new, 6th generation equipment. Over the next two months your main mission will be to obtain actual equipment. There already are rare and epic rings, amulets and brooches. The new items will become available on the third and fifth week of the invasion.

Thanatos's Avatar arrives on December 14. You can fight his training incarnation (for groups of 5) or champion incarnation (for groups of 10).

Characters with no divine specializations, explored for avatar trophies (all, except God of Travels), can receive up to 5 such trophies by killing Thanatos - up to 3 from the training incarnation and another 2 from the champion incarnation.


We are often asked the following question: "I have explored all specializations, except for God of Machines and God of Magic. Can I get a trophy from Thanatos? Yes, you can get one trophy if you defeat Thanatos's champion incarnation.

But let us return to the innovations that have already been added. The Reapers of Death Laboratory has been expanded. Complete quests to obtain the new bonuses! In addition, you can now boost Combat Superiority over the invading army. One new node has been unlocked in all bastions. By exploring these, you will receive plenty of useful effects. For example, give your companion the Chain Lightning ability, learn to heal yourself and your allies with healing spheres, start to deal more damage to stunned, slowed down and immobilized enemies, and increase damage dealt and maximum health.