Reapers of Death Invasion: Week 3

The third week of the invasion is starting tomorrow. Raging Carrion are ready to tear apart any immortal who risks going into a distortion! We have added a new difficulty level for a whole range of group adventures, including Operation Medea. And Thanatos's Avatar has finally decided to personally appear in Aelion.

Champion and training version battles with one of the most treacherous great gods are now available to junior gods! This will be a worthy challenge for veterans, while novices can obtain treasured trophies and unlock new divine specializations. Moreover, groups of 5 characters can now fight the training avatar!


During this invasion, the first victory in a battle with the champion incarnation will not just earn you a trophy, but also a particle of the great god's strength - a Thanatos Artefact. You can exchange it for a unique symbol, developed under Flavius's strict guidance. Your character will get the chance to summon a powerful weapon, called Thanatos Gloves. Their destructive power is comparable only to the chilling horror that this weapon instills in the hearts of enemies!
Do not delay! Make your way to the planet's hottest spots so you can receive the latest generation rare and epic equipment!


Champion Version


  • Prestige: 70,000,000
  • Flavius's Laboratory: 75% Combat Superiority.
  • Equipment: 6th generation epic ring, amulet, brooch, bracelet, sapphire, ruby, emerald, topaz. 6th generation rare weapon and artifact.


  • 625 divine deeds.
  • Avatar Trophy (for the first 5 walkthroughs, if your character has less than 5 trophy specializations).

Training Incarnation

  • It is accessible to all players whose characters have received a divine form, but not at all times. Groups of 5 characters required for participation. You can fight a lite version of the boss only on certain days: Thursday and Sunday. If you take the directive right now, you may well find the Coming of Thanatos in your list of objectives.


  • Divine Form.


  • Mysterious, ancient or mythical chest.
  • Avatar Trophy (for the first 3 walkthroughs, if your character has less than 3 trophy specializations).



Bringing Death: Raging Carrion

The bloodthirsty servitors of Thanatos are ready to tear young gods to pieces! If you are strong enough to challenge them - go ahead! But you have been warned!
Rewards: 6th generation epic bracelet. Critical damage and companion damage 42 to 63 multiplier.


  • Prestige: 40,000,000
  • Flavius's Laboratory: 50% Combat Superiority.
  • Equipment: 6th generation epic ring, amulet, brooch, sapphire, ruby. 6th generation rare bracelet. 5th generation epic weapon, artifact, topaz, and emerald.

To unlock access to quests, complete any Squad, Group or Invasion type adventure. By fulfilling all the requirements, you will receive credits and Knowledge of Enemies. If you receive sufficient tokens, you can move on to the next operation and receive a prize from command in argents!
Good luck!