The Reapers Have Landed!

They have finally arrived – Reapers of death assault our homes spreading their corruption and disease as they traverse our landscape, rotting Aelion to its very core. With the assistance of the rat-like Vird, they’re capable of navigating throughout this land undetected, freely springing traps as they deem fit. Very few locations are safe, and many of our remote villages are already under attack. There is no time to waste, we must act quickly and fortify our remaining defenses!


The Reaper invasion, along with being their first appearance, provides the first opportunity players will have to begin working their way through the Reaper Atlas! The functionality remains similar to that of the Mechanoid Atlas many have recently unlocked but still includes symbols and passive abilities unique to the Reapers! Advancing these Invasion Atlases provides power for the player themselves as well as increased effectiveness against that specific faction. Let’s fight back against these rotting abominations and their Thanatos worshiping controllers – Keep them off of Aelion!