Skyforge CBT2 “Fury of the Immortals“ Community Winners Announced!

Immortals! It’s time to announce the rightful winners of the Skyforge CBT2 "Fury of the Immortals" Community PvP event!

With a prestigious "Champion of the Immortals" Portal Title on the line, we asked players from NA and EU Closed Beta to compete in PvP matches across Lugran Research Base & Kingesi Arena between the 1st and 4th of April - with the top-50 participants having the opportunity to earn the right to publicly display their dominance for all the community to see - and the community delivered!

Before we announce the winners, the Skyforge team would like to thank each and every player who took part in the event, and we look forward to seeing you continue your PvP prowess during the upcoming CBT3!
Without further ado, here are the top 50 NA and EU players who’ve earned the right to wear the "Champion of the Immortals" Portal Title with pride!

US RANK Country Nickname EU RANK Country Nickname
1 US Jax- 1 AT Thanator
2 US Undaunted 2 FR Dew
3 US MarkinMoral 3 FR nehuzel
4 US NobuNobu 4 DE KontraX
5 US Zidelo 5 FR slativ
6 US Derail 6 DE Jump2Fly
7 US NadeBot 7 DE SpartanGER
8 US Eximius Telum 8 DE SpliffStar
9 US fixate 9 AT Luravis
10 US vVev 10 DE Erzshadow
11 US DualSpiral 11 DE DanZ0X
12 US Form- 12 BE Gungner
13 PH Gaki_Kageyama 13 LT Kaal
14 US Hannabol 14 FR Diablos
15 US Nico Chan 15 LT detinu
16 US EvilDeath 16 FR u_4201442
17 US Roarman 17 FR Noxis
18 US StryfeKing 18 FI Mesvas
19 US Lordobones 19 BG WhiteKnight
20 CA Darkfive 20 FR lancetank
21 US Voltomey 21 DE Pergraphica Fortis
22 US RageTheBerserker 22 FR Antharaz
23 CA Vorgrar67 23 FR Stoufette
24 CA Alesana 24 DE Aralino
25 US XMercuricX 25 DE Rasanu
26 CA ArchangeI 26 DE Terzery
27 US Moji 27 DE Klod991
28 US BlackRain 28 DE Deadly Sky
29 0 Wrkncacnter 29 FI RunningSocks
30 BR EdgarJC 30 RE SkaTTa
31 US nblm 31 DE Urdeus
32 PR Gorgolok 32 FR Merzhinhudour
33 US elementalburton 33 CH NekoKami
34 US Jink 34 FR Furey
35 US Neurion 35 DE Toa-Tobi
36 JM GrandN0va 36 RS screamz
37 US Yoink 37 IN jaggudada
38 US Warfromabove 38 DE Urml_OP
39 US Gravizo 39 FR dekkomori
40 US Belen 40 GB Draxind
41 CA Giggitygecko99 41 FR oO-Mr-Max-Oo
42 CA u_3831527 42 AT Sephuna
43 US Slepak 43 DE ShinYou
44 US GoYaGamer 44 FR senku
45 US Kokopelli 45 FR Wolfury
46 PH Bathala 46 BE Mizukimo
47 US AkiTsugi 47 GB Ruah
48 US Maou Lin 48 FR ZukkiTake
49 US Void Empress 49 AE silver619
50 US Toasty 50 DE Tjerda

Congratulations to all the winners!

If you enjoyed the event, don't forget that the upcoming CBT3 (which begins on April 22nd) not only brings new open world content and group adventures but, also, two additional PvP maps for you to defend your title!

Want to see what CBT3 is all about? Then join us on April 17th for a CBT3 sneak peak via Twitch, where Skyforge’s Community Manager Michael “Spunky” Dunaway, Development Director Eric DeMilt and Lead Community Manager Drew Hahn lead a group of brave immortals through some of the new content available in CBT3, while showcasing the Necromancer’s power over the undead!

When: April 17th @ 11:30am PDT (7:30pm CET)
Duration: ~1 hour

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