Skyforge Community Guide Contest Winners Announced!

We'd like to thank all members of the community who have taken part in our Skyforge Community Guide Contest! The recently added Player Guide Section has been filled to the brim with a vast array of knowledge related to all aspects of Skyforge. It's been a privilege to witness so many of our players put time aside to expand the rest of the communities understanding of Skyforge's features and general functionality!

In return for helping us improve both Skyforge and its community, we're awarding Wardens of the Wasteland Digital Collector's Editions to the Top Ten (10) guides submitted by both NA and EU – Be sure to check out the best guides below!

Winners' Nickname Community Guide Link
Merkhen Sparks, You, and Your Atlas
Starosta The Order - Source of Personal Power
DualSpiral Stat Optimization - Mastering Skyforge
KyrosQF Push it to the Limit! - Checklist Edition
Yokai Yokai's V2 Guide to Managing Difficulty via Prestige/Proficiency/Talents
Zippity_Doodah Guide to the Skyforge Order System
Valena Gale A Gale Guide: Quick Manual to Skyforge
Beatrixx Star Beginners Guide to Everything
Rotrum Cronnel Platforms: Exeunt Pursued by a Ball of Fire
MugiJones Skyforge Guide to Beginners (English Version)

With so many fantastic guides to choose from, deciding which ones to deem the best proved to be no easy task! Congratulations to all winners of the Community Guide Contest and we once again thank everyone for their participation. We encourage the community to check out all the other great guides available within the Player Guide Section of the forums!