Skyforge Hide and Seek Community Event!

We’ve run out of options and are looking towards the community for help during these dark times. In an effort to assist with Aelion’s defense against the arriving Invasion, a member of the Skyforge team has taken science too far and now finds themselves spread thinly throughout the Ether in our atmosphere! Using a series of overly complicated tests and technological gizmos provided by Flavius we’ve discovered the exact time frame when they will return to their physical body. There is one problem – We don’t know where!

Their physical form will take shape sporadically during a set period Friday, October 2nd, and last at maximum one hour on the North American Server. We invite all players to help us recover our lost friend and will be awarding participants who successfully locate them with a costume for their effort! Keep in mind their current form is extremely unstable and will not remain in the same location for very long…

When: October 2nd at 2pm PDT on the North American Server
Missing Person: Michael “Spunky” Dunaway – Filename: Spunky Meeseeks


Rules & Regulations
This event will take place on the NA server at 2pm PDT on October 2nd and will last 1 hour or until all available costumes are awarded.
Winners will be determine by speed and accuracy. The first player to find the missing persons, as judged by the missing persons (community managers) after each “jump” will receive a costume.
Clues regarding the missing person's current region will be announced in game.
Players must physically reach the missing person and be acknowledged by the missing person to be declared a winner.
There are a total of 10 prizes available during this community event
The locations traveled will include any area accessible by a large number of players, such as Regions.

If you have any trouble finding the missing persons be sure to follow Skyforge on Twitter because we’ll be dropping hints. Good luck!