Skyforge Livestream #13: Aelion’s Call!

The Skyforge Team invites the community to join us tomorrow, Friday September 18th, at 11:00am PDT (8pm CEST) as we discuss the multitude of exciting changes and features recently introduced in the Aelion’s Call update!

Join Skyforge’s Community Manager Michael “Spunky” Dunaway, Live Producer Aaron “Legatus” Biedma, and Content Manager Gabriel “Toasty” Pursel as they highlight the major additions found in the Aelion’s Call update, host a patch Q/A session, and reap the rewards brought to us by the Mechanoid Invasion. If you have a question you’d like answered during the stream, be sure to ask in Twitch chat during the patch Q/A, or post them on the official Skyforge Forums, Facebook or Twitter beforehand!


When: September 18th @ 11:00am PDT (8pm CEST)
Duration: ~1 hour

Miss the stream? It's available for viewing!

Collectors Edition & Costume Raffle Winners

  • Zappars12
  • BotheGrump
  • Muffibiene
  • KeittyKat
  • Cr7wasay
  • Aethon88
  • Sivid_kyle
  • Artosaarii
  • Wellan78
  • Balloushop13
  • ManSlayer30

Costume winners will need to contact us on Twitch with your character’s name and server so we can award your prize.