Skyforge Livestream #27: Don't fear the Reapers!

The Skyforge Team invites everyone to join NA Community Manager Teremus this Thursday, February 18th at 12:00pm PST (9pm CET), live on Twitch TV!

The Reapers of Death seek to exploit the chaos created by the recent Mechanoid invasion. Their goals are simple: Sew chaos, and conquer Aelion for their own. With the help of Aelion's greatest Immortals we will push back this threat, and show the Reapers of Death the selfsame fear they seek to instill in us. Will we succeed in our goals? Who knows, I'll probably get my immortal butt whooped, but that won't stop us from using Maximum Effort!

Giveaways, Reaper Smashing, and Antler Polishing all for your enjoyment!

We hope to see you there!


When: February 18th @ 12:00pm PST (9pm CET)
Duration: ~1.5 hrs