Skyforge Pantheon Dance Competition Winners Announced!

We’d like to thank all members of the community who have taken part in our Skyforge Pantheon Dance Competition! The amount of participation and overall quality of the entries has completely blown us away! Being able to see the dedication of the Skyforge community in regards to creating this amazing content has been very endearing and has proven to be quite exciting for all of us!

For having the slickest moves and showing us what makes your Pantheon stand out, we’re awarding the Pantheon members with the top entry the God of Dance Portal Title, a Heavy Metal Fan Costume, and will be featuring their video on the Skyforge Facebook page in the future. Two runners up will receive the Heavy Metal Fan Costume – Check out the winning entries for both NA and EU below!

North American Winner - Vashta Nerada

Runners Up
Congratulations to Azurian and Tenacious for earning their spot as our Runners Up!

European Winner - Valhalla

Runners Up
Congratulations to INFERNCURAN and Jianji for earning their spot as our Runners Up!

Honorable Mentions

We'd like to take a moment to thank Immortal Legion[NA] and HarleKings[EU] for their impressive entry as well!

Needless to say, choosing the winner was no easy task. Each entry brought its own unique style to the table and in the end we could only select a small number of winners. Congratulations to Vastha Nerada & Valhalla and our runners up for showing Aelion that you truly are the Gods of Dance! Winners will receive their prizes no later than the end of next week. Thanks again to all Pantheons who participated in the competition!