Skyforge's Week at Gamescom

Last week was the week of Gamescom - Europe's largest gaming and entertainment exhibition! And of course, Skyforge was there. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to show off Skyforge to the thousands of players who attended the show!

Skyforge_Gamescom_Wrap_Booth1 Skyforge_Gamescom_Wrap_Booth2

But we know that not everyone could attend the show so during Gamescom we gave the community their first looks at two new classes - the Archer and the Slayer! Players at Gamescom were given the opportunity to try these new classes on two new locations called The Farm of Aristela and the Excavation of Isola.

Skyforge_Gamescom_Wrap_Archer Skyforge_Gamescom_Wrap_Slayer

Skyforge_Gamescom_Wrap_Landscapes Skyforge_Gamescom_Wrap_Gunner

But the true highlight of our week at Gamescom was the reveal of Gods in Skyforge! We showed how Gods can break the balance to turn the battle in the immortals favor. But what we showed is just a glimpse of the divine powers you'll wield in your God form!


We also had the opportunity to show the Skyforge demo on Twitch TV during a 30 minute Live Stream. If you didn't get to see it live definitely take the time to watch it now.

We have a lot more about Skyforge to reveal so make sure you've signed up for the Beta and feel free to share this article with your friends!