[SWITCH] Oceanid are here: Get Epic Rewards!

From the inky depths of Aelion, the Oceanid threat bubbles up once again! Dip your toes into the Oceanid Season by completing new challenges and battling the horrors of the deep.

Immortals who brave the deep end will earn a set of Season-exclusive rewards for their troubles! 20 levels of rewards are up for grabs, including a shimmering new Divine Form, an Icy Abyss Khelp Mount, and the electric blue Blazing Visage Costume. You’ll also receive an animated, water-themed Portrait Center as an instant reward when you buy the Season Pass in-game!


Season card
Normal Catch-up
Equipment generation: 11
Maximum number of followers in the Cathedral 327,900 270,200
Maximum number of followers in the Cathedral (Soft Cap) 315,900
Maximum rank of the Tower of Knowledge 140 127
Maximum rank of the Tower of Knowledge (Soft Cap) 138
Terra/Thea rank 160-162
Avatar 177


Defend Aelion. Level up. Unlock epic loot. Through the Seasonal Challenge progression system, you can complete special challenges to earn points throughout the Season. As you earn points, you can unlock up to 20 levels of special rewards, including exclusive items available for a limited time only!

Seasonal Challenges are divided into Easy, Normal, and Hard categories, and more will be unlocked as the Season progresses (in the first, third, and fifth weeks). You can earn more points when you complete certain challenges within the first few days of each stage, so check back often to blaze through the Seasonal Challenges and Season Pass even faster!

The Avatar is Tol-Monter, an eldritch leviathan who commands the Oceanids from Aelion’s deepest trenches. Defeat this fishy foe when it arrives during the Season’s third week to claim its Avatar Trophy! You can collect more Trophies to unlock Divine Aspects, and complete challenges as they appear to earn more points and Season rewards. The Season Atlas and Nightmare Challenges will also serve as a challenge to more seasoned Immortals – progress to earn Oceanid Eidos and unlock special bonuses!



With up to 20 levels of rewards to earn during the Oceanid Invasion, you’ll be drowning in new gear! 10 levels of rewards can be unlocked for free, with a further 10 levels of premium rewards being available upon purchase of the Season Pass. Here’s a few highlights to strive for:

  • Aegis of the Ocean Wings (Level 8): Fly high where the Oceanids can’t reach you with these brilliant Wings!
  • Divine Form: Anthelion (Level 14): Harness the ethereal magic of this beautiful, shimmering form!
  • Blazing Visage Costume (Level 16): Pulsing electric blue, this gear is clearly full of magic and potential.
  • Icy Abyss Khelp Mount (Level 16): Absolute unit.


Buy the Season Pass in-game to save 20% for a limited-time only. You’ll also unlock an animated, water-themed Portrait Center as an instant reward!