Third week of Reaper Invasion


The third week of the Reaper invasion is starting. We have added new difficulty levels for a whole range of group adventures, including Operation Medea. The second distortion of the enemy army has become available. You can now purchase new item Rebirth Flame 2 in the Market and upgrade your Sapphire and Ruby. And Thanatos's Avatar has finally decided to personally appear on Aelion.

Prepare for a bloody battle! The leader of the invading army has become much stronger. This will be a worthy challenge for veterans.


If you are victorious, you may receive:

  • 1–6 trophies if the character has unlocked less than 6 divine specializations for trophies;
  • 1 Avatar's Artifact;
  • Reapers of Death Victor Wings;
  • legendary jewelry.

You will also be able to purchase an improved version of Gloves of Thanatos. Owners of the regular Gloves of Thanatos may get it for 1 Avatar's Artifact.

Beginners can pit their skills against the training version of the avatar. It is adapted for groups of 5 characters. Its purpose is to prepare young gods for the battle against Thanatos. Now if your character has unlocked less than 4 divine specializations, you will get Avatar Trophies for completing the invasion avatar's training challenge for the first 1-4 runs! The challenge may bring you the Reapers of Death Victor Crown.

You also have a chance to receive generation 12 legendary jewelry for victory over any version of the avatar. This chance is higher for the champion version.

Fight fiercely and mercilessly, immortals!