Week in review – The Tessa Battles – 04/03/2016

Welcome to a special edition of "Week in Review - The Pantheon Wars"!

With the battles getting hotter every week, today we're going to take a closer look at the Tessa Battles, where Pantheons fight for the rights to harvest the most sparks from those miraculous trees. We'll look a bit into the system itself and, at the end, offer you some insight into the Gold and Silver Leagues distribution, and how much Primary Energy you can get.


Tessa Battles happen every 3 days, so these battles naturally became a focus for aggressive Pantheons to accumulate Primary Energy and take a lead in the Space Program rating.

Each of these battles contain 5 portals, where Pantheons need to send in their troops to fight for the 3 trees within and make haste to secure the trees' Primary Energy. To keep things simple, we'll call them fruits. Each tree contains 10 fruits, so there is a total of 150 fruits to be snatched per Tessa Battle.

This is all well and good, but how can you get the most out of these battles? Is defence the most rewarding, or multiple attacks? Polish your strategy for the last few weeks of the Pantheon Wars with our detailed breakdown of the Primary Energy you can accumulate in each scenario!


How much Primary Energy you can gather defending your territory is very straightforward:

  • Check which territory your pantheon owns.
  • Defend it and if you make a perfect defence, you get the listed Primary Energy from that battle.
  • That's it!

NOTE: If you want to find out how much Primary Energy a single fruit grants, divide the total by 150 (that's the number of fruits per battle).


Calculating your gains for attacks is a bit trickier. Your Pantheon can attack the trees from any Pantheon you're at war with and there's no particular limit to the number of wars you can wage. As you can imagine, this has the potential for cunning tacticians to accumulate a massive amount of Primary Energy through attacks.

Be mindful that, when attacking a tree, you receive only 1/4 of its contents. The amount of Primary Energy listed in the tables below for a perfect attack is assuming you managed to get the most out of each tree during an attack.

NOTE: A pantheon could get over 100,000 points of Primary Energy every three days if it successfully waged around 10 wars. Don't listen to Thais - Make war, not love!


Bonuses from the satellite and various technologies can grant your Pantheon extra points (in percentage) per Tessa Battle. You can see the results in their respective columns. Technology can also grant Primary Energy outside Tessa Battles, so prepare for a little maths!

Line Breaker

We are excited to see if our top contenders can manage to defend their ranks or if even a completely different Pantheon will re-consider their tactics and climb up the ladder before the Tournament reaches completion. Either way, thank you for all the great matches! It is always a pleasure watching Pantheons fight for glory and we look forward to seeing their domination of future Tessa Battles!

Stay tuned for next week’s review of Skyforge Pantheon Wars!