Winners Combined! Comic & Valentines Contest

What do you get when you combine creative writing with beautiful screenshots taken from within Skyforge? Correct, awesome comics with incredibly entertaining storytelling!

Comic Contest: Speechless in Aelion

In our recent Comic Contest we asked our communities to play the role of a Comic creator. We're certain that you enjoyed making them as much as we've had an incredible time reading all your contributions!

Check out these cool examples from our global community (click to enlarge)

Comic Examples Comic Examples 2
Comic Examples 3 Comic Examples 4
Comic Examples 5 Comic Examples 6
Comic Examples 7 Comic Examples 8


Good news, everybody: you all are winners! We have enough prizes per region participation and disregarded any ranks, which makes it possible to give all participants a bunch of goodies:

1 blue MC costume
500 Victor Medals
10 Medium Spark Replicators
500 Rarities Valuables of each

Prizes will be applied directly onto your accounts within the next 7 working days.


The Valentine's Weekend Massacre Contest

Love was definitely in the air last weekend on Aelion and with the new Photomode feature, you wer able to share all the precious moments you spent with your Valentine! ! We’d like to thank all of our community members for participating and without further delay, here are our winners!

First Couple

Balebe Thompson & Momo Mon

Second Couple

Mhysa Stark & Jarvan Stark

Third Couple

Bentai Shushu & Averie Wish

Full list

  • Fourth Couple: Kymera Gygax & Lady Shadelli
  • Fifth Couple: Lala Twinstars & Kiki Twinstars
  • Sixth Couple: Conquest Vii & Absolute Xero
  • Seventh Couple: Jack Melanchthon & Han Sun
  • Eighth Couple: Jaqen Sardothien & Aelin Sardothien
  • Ninth Couple: Erika Khan & Amaridian Vivichi
  • Tenth Couple: Wiawyr Warbrethren & Rita Futottaneko

Please note that due to the fact that Love Confessions have been deactivated, you will not receive Love Confessions but instead 10 Mysterious trophies each.


Congratulations to everyone and see you soon for another contest!