Winter Celebration Ingame Event 2018

It is time to celebrate the yearly Winter Festival!

Immortals are coming together to celebrate this very special season. The myLoot calendar is providing you with gifts for a while longer and the Soundweaver is now available to all of players!

Like last year, the Winter Celebration will have many in-game events and festive rewards.


Make sure to challenge your friends to a race on the icy track!

A list of available rewards:

  • Snowy Petal Wings
  • Classic Hat Box
  • Snowy Ghal
  • Fashion Verdict Hat Box
  • Winter Celebration Costume
  • Magic Fountain of Sparks Firework
  • Magic Salute Firework
  • Magic Star of Desires Firework
  • Winter Celebration Costume (blue)
  • Winter Celebration Costume (white)
  • Winter Celebration Costume (yellow/black)
  • Amulet Against Khelp Pranksters
  • Set of Snowy Sparks
  • Winter Celebration Halo (bronze)
  • Winter Celebration Halo (red)
  • Winter Celebration Halo (blue)
  • Aplomb Glasses
  • Formal Clothes (purple)
  • Insulated Clothing
  • Mixed Hat Box


Gifts for All

During the event, players are invited to take a gift from under the Holiday Tree every day. Each subsequent gift can only be taken on the next day of the holiday. There are a total of 14 gifts during the event.

The Celebration will be going on until January 8th!