Winter Celebration Ingame Event 2019

It's time for winter fun in Skyforge! From December 17, 2019 to January 8, 2020, the Winter Celebration will take place in the game. Participate in winter festivities and have fun!

New items in the Market

You will find many seasonal items and emotes that can be purchased with Icy Gems!

Complete holiday quests and earn Icy Gems! They can then be exchanged for unique accessories or mounts in the Market. This year we added the following items to the holidays section:

  • Blizzard Experimental Skates,
  • Immortal on Ice emote,
  • Winter Fun emote,
  • Winter Patterns Tattoo Set,
  • Winter Celebration Halo (2 styles),
  • Winter Mystery Helmet (2 styles),
  • and color options for your favorite costumes!



A giant Ice Arrow track has opened in Aelinar. You can also visit the training track, Silver Road. Test your skills in a solo run or compete against other players. Everyone can participate in the competitions. The tracks can be accessed through the adventure list.

And make sure to visit the tracks during Happy Hours! Participate in speed skating competitions from 12:00 to 13:00 and from 19:00 to 21:00 to receive an increased number of Icy Gems.

A new set of holiday challenges awaits you – complete them to receive a special portrait center and decoration!

List of Challenges

  • Herald of Winter: During the event, defeat five immortals in rated PvP as a Cryomancer.
  • Winter Training: Complete three sessions on the Silver Road track and earn at least 750 points in each session.
  • Unbeatable Speed Skater: Win first place in a skating race on the Ice Arrow track at least five times.
  • Flawless Performance: Cross the finish line on both skating tracks without falling once. Reward: new portrait center.
  • Professional Speed Skater: Complete the main challenges related to the Silver Road and Ice Arrow skating tracks. Reward: new portrait decoration.


Surprises under the Tree and Khelp Hunt

During the event, log into the game and go straight to the park! You will find a present under the holiday tree! You will get one present every day until you collect all 14!

Khelp Hunt

When you enter an adventure, you may run into Asterius, learn the history of the holiday, and receive a few cryocapsules. With these items, you will earn a snowball for every victory over a monster. Snowballs will also come in handy when you encounter a Khelp Prankster in an adventure (Squad, Group, or Invasion).

All picked-up weapons will change their appearance during the event. Khelp Pranksters are a special subspecies of Oceanid that has lived on Aelion since ancient times. They become active during certain periods. All they want to do is disrupt the Winter Celebration.

Without a divine form, the only thing you can use against them is a magic snowball. They are truly bizarre creatures! These Khelps will try to steal your loot in Squad or Group adventures (Nerion’s Castle or Aristel's Farm). If you don't pelt them with snowballs as soon as they show up, they will grab your loot and run off, laughing triumphantly. And if you succeed, you will get the Khelp's loot as well. We know they always have at least one stolen gift with them.

The small chest may contain fireworks, snowballs, or Icy Gems. Or all three, if you are lucky!

If you want Khelp Pranksters to never bother you again, you can get a special amulet. Check the Events section of the Market.

Participate in events, collect Icy Gems, purchase special costumes and mounts, but most importantly, have fun!


Happy Winter Celebration!