Developer Q&A – You asked, we answer.


When we called upon you to send us your questions for the development team, you did not hesitate! We received a lot of wonderful and interesting queries, but, not all could be answered – this time.

Read on for all interesting tidbits and details!

There have been concerns involving the current class balance in Skyforge, what are your current plans to address class balance?

We are aware that the balance between classes has not seen enough love and we want to work more on that. We are re-focusing our resources and going forward, we will make sure to spend more energy on balancing to make sure the under-represented classes get back into the spotlight!


Do you have any information to share on new classes that are going to be released in the future?

With the recent successful release of the Grovewalker across all platforms. We are starting to look for the next class that would fit within the Skyforge line-up. We are early in the process of defining the next class and we don't have any additional details to share about it right now. However, we have heard your requests for a new support class, and we are taking this feedback into account during our design and decision process.

Are there any plans to increase the amount of scaled PvP content? And are there other plans for PVP in the future for Skyforge?

We are planning to release more information about this soon, but the short answer is yes! PVP in Skyforge has not gotten the attention it deserves, and we will remedy that very soon. Right now, we are working on updating the PVP-system in the game and we also plan to release a new PVP mode in the near future.

Are there going to be more places where players can use Elder god?

We have gotten a lot of feedback from players that there are not enough places to use the Elder God form. We're aware of this and are working with our Designer and Publishing Team on meaningful and engaging ways to use the elder god forms, but for the moment we do not have any information that's ready to be shared.

Players feel like the current price for upgrading their gear is too high, are there any plans to adjust the prices?

We have made some adjustments to the pricing and drop rates for the equipment system and we feel like it's in a good place now. We're not planning any major changes going forward, but please continue to share your feedback!

Are there any plans to add Mantides or other races to the invasion schedule?

The short answer is – Not right now. We are working on some new opponents for the Immortals to fight, but it's not going to be an invasion, Instead, it will be a different type of challenge. You'll find out more about this soon, but for now, we are not ready to share more details about it.
We have a lot of weapon/artifact abilities that are not usable due to the way the generations work. You cannot use those kinds of old weapons because they don't match the current gen and become forgotten. Are there any plans to make those weapons/artifacts available in current generations?

Recently, we've brought a few new and exciting ways for players to obtain weapons with abilities. Through the Equipment Lootboxes and the King's Ransom Lottery, many players were able to get their hands on current generation legendary weapons. We are also looking at new ways for players to obtain Legendary Weapons through PVP and you'll have more info on that soon! Let us know what you think of those and what ideas you have!

Are there any additional story episodes planned?

We have been re-working the adventures in the first provinces and right now we have new stories in the adventures for the first four provinces, up until the Artemian Mountains province. We are very excited about telling the stories about Aelion and making the adventures more interesting and we highly urge all veterans to go back try them again!

Players are excited to see new and unique cosmetics for sale, but they are released few and far between, are there any plans to release such content more frequently?

Designing new and unique content is something we are always working on, and we want to keep releasing new cosmetics for you to enjoy, but it takes quite a bit of time to make it. That's why you see a large delay between the new content. As we're currently focusing our design resources on game updates, we are not planning on increasing the number of cosmetics we make for the moment.

Are there any plans to add a way to change the appearance of your weapons to something else without affecting its stats?

We have thought about this feature many times because while we do have many interesting and cool looking skins for weapons, players tend to tend to choose the most powerful (not the most beautiful weapon). However, this feature would take quite a lot of work to realize it in a good way and right now the development team is focusing on other areas of the game.

Players would like to hold onto their purchased weapons after new generations of weapon sets are released, would it be possible in the future to upgrade your weapons in a similar way to how the Rebirth of Flame works for other item slots?

After implementing the Equipment Upgrade system, we've seen a lot of changes to how people obtain gear and how they keep their gear upgraded to the latest generation and the best stats. We're still observing how players are using this and are tweaking this system to make it more streamlined. When we feel that we are in a good place with the already implemented features we will most likely move on to the weapons, but that's still to be determined.

Once a player has a decent set of gear and has passed junior godhood, It becomes hard to follow the progress of your character. The current might system makes it harder to see where you are getting your power from. Are there any plans to create a more visible progression path?

Right now, there are several different places where you get your stats from and they are kind of scattered across different parts of the UI. We want to bring this closer together so it's clearer to players where they are getting their power from and make a sort of central hub where all those sources can be reviewed and shown at a glance. It's something our interface designers are working on and that we can hopefully see implemented in the game soon.

Players would like to see more customization options for the divine form are there any planned?

We released the new divine form for the "All for Science" promotion last year, and saw some positive feedback for it, but not enough for us to spend more time into making more custom god forms. We might consider it if the demand from the community is large enough.