Happy Holidays from Skyforge!

This year is almost over, and the people of Aelion are setting festive tables and preparing to celebrate the New Year. Joy is all around, and the carefree citizens of Aelinar are making snowmen, having snowball fights, and skating around the ice rink. This, among other things, is down to your merit, immortals!

Thank you all for your dedication and loyalty to Aelion. We wish you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. May all your most cherished wishes come true, and may all adversity remain in fictitious game worlds, with only happiness and joy awaiting you in reality.

While enjoying your holidays, don't forget to check out your favorite game! Join the Winter Celebration, skate, have fun, and receive gifts!

To make the New Year's celebrations even more special, we've also enabled Aeli's Blessing in-game! From December 23–27, get 25% more Credits for completing Adventures, and from December 28–January 1, get 25% more Knowlege of Enemies.

So relax, have fun, spend time with your loved ones, and remember to check in with Skyforge from time to time.

Happy New Year!