Map in Skyforge Battle Royale

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We continue to tell you about the features of the Skyforge Battle Royale mode. In the previous article, we talked about the heroes and equipment, and now we’ll take a look at the gameplay on the map.
The unique experience each player has as they try to survive in Battle Royale depends on the location design. The map in Skyforge Battle Royale is a combination of a tropical island with lush vegetation and a giant temple complex. The multitude of unique objects and elevations, constructions, and hidden nooks create perfect places for stealthy movement.

You play in the third person point of view, so it’s easier to get your bearings and see where the shots are coming from. Long-range weapons deal reduced damage, so a lone sniper won’t be able to take you down with one or two shots from nowhere.
At certain periods of time, night falls on the island, and the safe area starts to get smaller. Virtual reality begins to fall apart, and outside the simulation region all characters take damage and may die - it’s similar to classic Battle Royale in this regard.
Thanks to the endless supply of medicaments, you can last a while in the dangerous zone, but first aid kits have a long cooldown, so sooner or later you’ll have to return to the circle.

Selena the Dark Mistress gets a bonus to movement speed at night and when the safe area gets smaller.

There are special maintenance stations where you can repair armor and restore health. Such places may attract a lot of unneeded attention so be careful when you approach it.

During gameplay, you may spot a mark and a column of light in the distance. That’s where a box with high-quality items will spawn. Lots of players will rush towards it but not all of them will get lucky. You know how that ends, right?

It’s really easy to step on an enemy mine near a purple chest.

The temple complex in the centre of the island is full of treasures and dangers. You will find cunning traps, strong monsters, and lots of weapons. Be careful and alert, lay ambushes and sneak on enemies: nothing beats the loot you get from defeated characters.


Rounds are a valuable resource. Automatic weapons consume ammo fast, so some heroes prefer to handle monsters using their fists, and others turn the area upside down searching for the expanded Cartridge Bag.
It is significantly harder to find armor and unique gadgets in the area. And you will need some luck to come across Experimental Transport or Boots! On the other hand, armor fragments and basic grenades are easy to come by. Use traps and equipment wisely to improve your chances of making it to the top-10.


Here we will tell you about rewards in Skyforge Battle Royale. In Battle Royale, you can earn two unique currencies.


Icon Name Description
1 Token of the King Skyforge Battle Royale’s internal currency used for renting heroes or purchasing visual modifications. Once you rent a character 50 times, it becomes permanently yours. You can also purchase heroes with Argents.
2 Symbol of Glory A new currency that will be added to the Valuables tab in the main game. You can exchange Symbols of Glory for a Royal Chest.
3 Royal Chest Contains 50 000 credits and a random equipment piece of epic or mythical quality and relevant generation. This chest can be found in the Market.

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