[PC] Promotion: Circus of Shadows

Recently, rumors have been circulating around Aelion that a tour of the legendary and mysterious Circus of Shadows will begin soon. As the story goes, from time immemorial the troupe has been traveling around cities and towns, delighting the audience with their performances. Unusual animals and artists with unique talents strive to broaden the public's idea of entertainment, and when the extravaganza ends, the Circus disappears as if by magic. Decades have passed since the performers were last seen, but people are saying that the legend is back.

The famous journalist Pria knows all the recent gossip and is eager to get confirmation for her new article. After all, she has been collecting information about the mysterious wonders of Aelion for a long time. Unfortunately, the reporter is swamped with work and unable to set off in search of the Circus of Shadows herself, which means she will have to find efficient assistants who will learn all the secrets of the magicians and acrobats for a portion of her earnings. Luckily for her, you have a few capable subordinates at your disposal.

The Circus of Shadows promotion runs from now until July 21.

First Circle Rewards


Second Circle Rewards


Unique Rewards

  • Valor of Aspects Ring: Your critical attacks apply Valor of Aspects to you. The effect stacks up to 20 times. If the health of an ally within 20 yards drops below 35%, you will instantly spend all the accumulated charges, restoring 1% of health for each charge.
  • Tactics of Aspects Brooch: Companion deals 5% more damage for every strong enemy and player (including allies) within 10 yards. The bonus cannot exceed 25%.
  • Determination of Aspects Amulet: You apply a negative effect to your target. Damage to this target is increased by 5% until the end of the fight or their death. This effect can be applied to one target at a time.
  • Method of Aspects Bracelet: Trophy weapons deal 150% more damage to targets with less than 50% of health.