[PC] Promotion: Dark Past

From a young age, Anna Verrath showed great promise and achieved impressive results in most scientific disciplines, but her thirst for knowledge led her down a dark path. In an effort to fulfill her wildest scientific fantasies, Anna became a member of a criminal organization that supplied the black market with high-tech goods. However, her dreams quickly crumbled to dust: after one of the raids, the Templars sent the whole gang to jail. But Anna was lucky - she quickly got out of the prison after demonstrating remorse and commitment to redemption. Under the watchful eye of law enforcement officers, she directed all her efforts towards creating devices that could improve the lives of ordinary people.

But luck wasn't on the inventor's side - her past scared off potential investors, and fellow scientists were in no hurry to join the physicist with a criminal record. There was also no one to help her procure rare components and resources: she planned a very ambitious project but lacked the funds to pull it off. In desperation, Anna prayed to Herida for help, and the merciful goddess responded to the repentant mortal. But even deities need quick helpers, so she turned to an expert in this field - you.

Until October 7, help Herida and earn valuable prizes!

First Circle Rewards


Second Circle Rewards


Unique Rewards


When you pick up an Emblem of Protection, the exoskeleton has a chance to charge your companion's attack, restoring it and increasing its damage 2 times.

Sure Steps

Exoskeleton speed: +15%.
Exoskeleton durability: +65%.
The Defense Mode applied to you additionally deals 10 damage to all attackers. The first attacker has a chance to drop an Emblem of Protection.