[PC] Promotion: In Defiance of Death

Many immortals live on Aelion, but mortals still outnumber them, so the ritual of leaving the mortal body behind is an important part of life on this planet. A great number of holidays, customs, and rituals revolve around the theme of death. As though in contrast to them, there is one important life-affirming holiday - Triumph of Love.

Triumph of Love is celebrated in all corners of Aelion, and in every region it becomes something special, taking on a local flavor. For example, during a festival in the provincial town of Noreva, a pre-selected couple of newlyweds are chased by townspeople dressed as Death. The couple have to avoid dangers that await them at every step, and volunteers assist them with that. If the townspeople catch them, the couple will have to leave their homeland forever, as though death has really claimed them. However, it usually does not happen, because the holiday is supposed to be about the triumph of life over death, and good over bad. The only year when the newlyweds fell into the hands of Death at the festival was last year. Pria remembers this incident well. It was when her colleague disappeared - he was covering the festival in Noreva for the first time.

Pria's journalistic intuition tells her these events are somehow connected, and the reporter intends to get to the bottom of the story. Of course, she will not do it herself. Pria decides to enlist the help of capable people who are willing to take risks. Luckily for her, there are quite a few competent people among your adepts.

Help Pria until June 7 to earn amazing rewards, including a new weapon for the Necromancer.