[PC] Promotion: Enticing Mirage

The Antean Wasteland is a place full of mysteries and wonders, even though its name suggests otherwise. In addition to unique animals and desert plants, you can find countless treasures in this kingdom of sands. At least that's what they say. Rumor has it that under the untrodden dunes and mounds, there are ancient palaces waiting to be discovered. Asterius has known of these conversations for a long time. The chronicler knows perfectly well that such claims are not wholly unfounded. Naturally, the riches of the ancient rulers are of no interest to the wise god, but he is not going to miss the opportunity to learn more about the history of Aelion. Of course, he organized an expedition.

The scientists reached out to a tribe living near the wasteland for help. The expedition also hired members of the Wild Thirst mercenary company. Their captain Leon Stolt saw this mission as an opportunity to continue his search for information about the past of their organization which has existed since time immemorial and managed to leave its mark in different parts of our planet. The expedition started off well, but it soon became clear that the researchers' actions did not yield any significant results: the scientists kept coming across various artifacts of bygone times, but a number of strange incidents seemed to hold them back from a real scientific breakthrough.

To investigate this conundrum, they have to bring in professionals from the outside, so Asterius contacts you and asks for a few adepts to look into intricate issues.

Help Asterius until May 10 to earn amazing rewards, including companion and a costumne.