[PC] Promotion: Fading Genius

It's not just endless celebrations, parties, festivals and auctions that the god Alcibiades helps organize. He also extends patronage to artists and creators throughout Aelion. The god keeps an eye on the lives and well-being of his most talented wards, so he was seriously disturbed by the news of the tragedy that befell one of them. One of the most talented poetesses of our time had been married to a brilliant and wealthy nobleman. She was madly in love, which inspired her to create true masterpieces. But a tragic accident ended the life of her husband, and soon the woman herself became seriously ill and began to fade away.

The relatives of the deceased husband immediately flocked to the house of the dying woman, among them the nephew who was considered the primary heir, waiting for the finale of this heartbreaking story. Completely devoted to their mistress, the servants invited talented doctors, but nothing could help the suffering woman. The desperate servants turned to Alcibiades for help, and even shared disturbing mystical fears. The god would not want to lose such a talented ward so early, so he found a brilliant way out of the situation: he asks you to send adepts to conduct an investigation, believing that the poetess' illness seems too suspicious.

Help Alcibiades until September 6 to earn new costume, Veil of Conceit and the Visage of Frost artifact!





Cosmetic Rewards

Honor of the House costume
Veil of Conceit

Visage of Frost artifact

Increases damage to minions by 45%.
Increases damage to minions by 20% and protection against minions by 15% in adventures on Nightmare difficulty.
If you are soloing an adventure, adds another 10% to damage to minions and 5% to protection against minions.