[PC] Promotion: Plague Ulcer

Usually, outbreaks of unknown diseases on Aelion are handled by doctors. In rare cases, the Lightbinders come to the rescue. But recently a mysterious illness has struck people in various parts of the world, baffling even the most experienced healers. The disease is terribly contagious and spreads like a typhoon, sapping one's strength and will to live. It causes such pain that the victims scream in agony. Interestingly, the disease goes away without any treatment as suddenly as it appears.

People suffer, then come to their senses and continue their daily lives as if nothing has happened, which puzzles the scientific community of Aelion. While the doctors were scratching their heads, Ianna received information from one of her Templar investigators who had discovered evidence of someone's malicious intent and traces of a deliberate spread of infection. The ambitious Templar is eager to bring the villains to justice on her own, but the protector goddess wants her to have back-up in case something goes wrong. Ianna does not want to make the operation public, so she decides to involve capable people from outside the Templars. She asks you to recommend several intelligent adepts so she can give them special authority.

Help Ianna until April 26 to earn amazing rewards!





Brawl Potion

A patented natural remedy that significantly increases the damage of weapons found on the battlefield. The secret formula also speeds up the accumulation of divine weapon charges.

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