[PC] Promotion: Precious Exhibit

Leonard Pearl, one of Aelinar's richest men, inherited his fortune from his parents at a fairly young age. He skillfully conducted business and made investments, which allowed him to live on a grand scale. Over time, Leonard's wealth became exorbitant. He had everything he could wish for, and his behavior became more and more eccentric every year. Since the young man possessed almost unlimited financial resources, he started putting together a collection of amazing curiosities and rarities, sparing no expense. He purchased art, bizarre failed experiments, ancient artifacts, and paid for the services of people with special talents.

Thanks to her sources, the famous reporter Pria learns that Leonard plans to give selected people an opportunity to feast their eyes on the treasures. Unfortunately for her, the rich man can't stand ink slingers - he will never let them set foot in his house. Which is why Pria is forced to ask experienced adventurers for help - someone who can appraise the collection and obtain exclusive information for her article. Luckily for her, your adepts are perfect for the job.

First Circle Rewards


Second Circle Rewards


Unique Rewards

Pain of Aspects
After taking damage from an Emblem of Pain, the target will take 4% more damage for 15 seconds. Damage bonus is increased for every used emblem - up to a 12% bonus.

Tenacity of Aspects
When you pick up an Emblem of Protection, 10% of damage taken will be reflected while the shield granted by the emblem is active.

Mercy of Aspects
"When you pick up an Emblem of Mercy, it will increase your most wounded ally's Critical Chance by 5% for 10 seconds.

Might of Aspects
When you use an Emblem of Pain or Destruction, you will have Might of Aspects applied to you. Once you have accumulated 5 levels, you will gain an effect that makes the next activated Emblem of Pain or Destruction 50% more powerful.

Companion Murk


It's unclear whose idea it was to design a Corg who looks like a storage container, but your scientists are confident that this companion will serve you faithfully.