[PC] Promotion: The Price of Rescue

The goddess Ianna does her best to protect the innocent residents of this world from regular invasions from space, but sometimes enemies and dangers come from within Aelion itself. Recently people started disappearing under very mysterious circumstances: they vanish right from their homes or never return from their walks. It sounds rather mystical, but rare witnesses claim that the disappearances were accompanied by the arrival of mysterious strangers who removed any and all evidence and clues that could help the case.

Fearing that another cult or agents of alien armies might be behind the disappearances, Ianna has put a lot of time and effort into the search but has little to show for it. After studying the clues, she realized she could not solve this without outside help, so she turned to you. The goddess knows that your capable adepts will get to the bottom of this complicated matter.

Help Ianna until April 5 to earn amazing rewards!





Ability Upgrade: Revive Master II

You will be invincible for 5 seconds after being resurrected.

Ability Upgrade: While Master Is Resting II

The companion receives extra Knowledge of Enemies for providing assistance at the Research Center.