[PC] Promotion: Whispered Secrets

The monks are known throughout Aelion for more than just their unique fighting style. Their spiritual practices are just as famous. They help people understand themselves better, find harmony with nature, discover and develop hidden potential. Unfortunately, the monks are not ready to share all their secrets with society, and the most interesting of them remain inside the sacred settlements closed to guests.

However, recently the elders of one of the most mysterious villages have decided to share their philosophy with people outside the community. Pria is incredibly happy about this. She has been trying to obtain an invitation for years, and now that she has received it, she needs the help of strong, skillful, and experienced companions to help her get information for her article about trials and spiritual practices. Fortunately for her, your adepts are ready to head out on any adventure the moment you ask.

First Circle Rewards


Second Circle Rewards


Unique Rewards

Flavius's Gift

Additional upgrades for combat prototypes:

  • Adaptive Optics, Quantum Battery - effectiveness increased by 100%.
  • Time Deformer, Field Utilizer - effectiveness increased by 50%.
  • Flavius's Emitter - damage increased by 40%.
  • Battle Pegasus and Combat Transformer - damage increased by 350%.