[PC|PS] Progress Points Sale

The Mechanoids cannot break the spirit of our brave Immortals. Their forces are melting, and they are preparing to leave Aelion! The season will be over July 5. There isn’t much time left to get all the rewards! If you’ve still got a few left to clear up, we’ve got just the ticket for you.
Progress Points are now available for purchase on PC and will be available starting June 15 on PlayStation!

Progress Points Price
30 Progress Points 18,000 Argents
60 Progress Points 33,000 Argents
100 Progress Points 50,000 Argents

This sale is active untill the end of the Season.

Please note that this sale is currently unavailable on Xbox. We're still working to resolve the ongoing issue and will provide more information regarding seasons, the Pantheon Wars, and other events on this platform later.