[PC|PS|XBOX] Gorgonide Season Extended by Two Weeks

Your fight against the Gorgonide army will surely go down in Aelion history, Immortals! If you’re up to the task, we need you to hold your ground a little longer. The Season will be extended by two weeks and will end on September 13 for PC and September 14 for PS and Xbox.

Use the extra time to sweep up the final rewards from the Season Pass and prepare to face the next Invasion!

And we'll use these two weeks to pay attention to the Distortions. As the Oceanid invasion begins, these adventures will undergo an important change: encounters with bosses will become more challenging and interesting, and the rewards will be higher. We'll share more details as the next Season begins. Till then, fight back Akonita's forces and try to get all the rewards of the current Season!

Good luck!