[PC|PS|XBOX] New Legendary Weapon for the Knight Class!

A sharp spear and a sturdy shield are all that a Knight needs in battle. But if the weapon has the additional blessing of one of the mightiest gods of the past, a Knight can become truly unstoppable!

The Blessings of the Ancient Gods set is already available for PC and will be added to Xbox and PS on June 2. The set will be available for PC until June 9 and for PS4 and Xbox until June 16. Become the owner of the legendary weapon Cadmus, Dragon Slayer!

You will not only get a powerful weapon but also receive a Knight Class Unlock and useful resources, including 1,000,000 Сredits, 15,000 Knowledge of Enemies, and 75 Eidos Replicators.


Cadmus, Dragon Slayer Ability

Athena's Blessing
Athena blesses the Knight. Their Spear Throw deals 400% more damage; The affected target takes 400% more damage from the next Battering Ram.

IMPORTANT: Legendary Weapon is available in each platform’s current generation.