[PC|PS|XBOX] New Legendary Weapon for Monk Available!

Monks' self-control and union with nature is well known all over Aelion. Their willpower is stronger than steel, and even controlling weapons composed of unstable dark matter would not phase them. If you are well trained and sure that your will is strong enough — it’s time to get the new weapon and unleash the power of the darkness!

From December 22 on PC and Xbox and after the next maintenance on PlayStation, you can purchase the Dark Matter Pack and arm your Monk with a brand-new Legendary Weapon: Errai, Conqueror of Matter! This Pack also contains useful resources: 30 Stimulants, 3,000 Victor's Medals, 21 days of Premium Subscription and access to the Monk class.

The Dark Matter Pack will be available for two weeks after the pack sales start.


Errai, Conqueror of Matter

When entering combat, the Monk gains the Anomaly effect.
When using Falling Mountain, the Monk will absorb the effect and create an area of unstable dark matter that explodes 3 times at intervals of 1 second, dealing {5|dmg} damage per explosion. Enemies affected by the explosion will gain a negative effect that stacks up to 3 times and increases the Monk's damage to them by 6% for every level of the effect for 12 seconds.
While the Monk is in combat, they will gain a new Anomaly effect 20 seconds after absorbing the previous one.