[PC|PS|XBOX] New Legendary Weapon for Necromancers Available!

Necromancers' arcane knowledge allows them to control powers no one else can. You can always recognize them thanks to an unusual but deadly weapon, which a Necromancer never parts with: the Scythe — a symbol of death. The stronger the Necromancer, the more powerful the weapon they wield. Maybe it's time to upgrade your Scythe?

From July 27 for PC and after the next maintenance on Xbox and PlayStation, you can buy the Dark Forces Pack to arm the Necromancer with the brand new Legendary Scythe Rafn, Sigil Breaker! This set also contains: access to the Necromancer class, 2,000,000 credits, 100 Eidos Replicators and 3000 Victor's Medals.

The Dark Forces Pack will be available for two weeks after the pack sales start.


Rafn, Sigil Breaker Ability

When the Necromancer teleports to the statue activated by Shadow of the Past, they detonate it, dealing damage to enemies within 10 yards. For 10 seconds, the Necromancer will deal 20% more damage for each affected enemy (up to a 80% damage bonus).

IMPORTANT: This Legendary Weapon is available in each platform’s current generation.