[PC|PS|XBOX] New Legendary Weapon for Outlaw Available!

Shoot from the hip with new Legendary Weapons: Ain and Kang, Superflares. Their special ability can afflict enemies with persistent dark matter damage. Unlock them with the Outlaw Class and Eidos Replicators, Victor's Medals, and Knowledge of Enemies today!

From January 25 on PC and after the next maintenance on PlayStation and Xbox, you can purchase the Dark Matter Pack and arm your Outlaw with a brand-new Legendary Weapon: Ain and Kang, Superflares! This Pack also contains useful resources: 75 Eidoi Replicators, 3,000 Victor's Medals, 15,000 Knowlege of Enemies and access to the Outlaw class.

The Dark Matter Pack will be available for two weeks after the pack sales start.


Ain and Kang, Superflares

Dancing Grenade applies Dark Matter to the target for 4.5 seconds, dealing damage every 1.5 seconds. While the effect is active, they will take 50% more damage from Sureshot.