[PC|PS|XBOX] New Legendary Weapon for Paladin Available!

Can a Paladin, a true warrior of light, wield a weapon of darkness if it serves a good cause? Use the power of Dark Matter to slay the Oceanid forces invading Aelion!

From November 16 on PC and after the next maintenance on Xbox and PlayStation, you can purchase the Dark Matter Pack and arm your Paladin with a brand-new Legendary Weapon: Imaus, Abyss of Greatness! This Pack also contains useful resources: 2,000,000 Credits, 25,000 Knowledge of Enemies and 75 Eidoi Replicators.

The Dark Matter Pack will be available for two weeks after the pack sales start.


Imaus, Abyss of Greatness

Endurance is increased by 40%.
When Onslaught deals damage to the target, the Paladin will gain the Dark Matter Power effect which lasts 12 seconds and increases the damage of all finishing strikes in combo attacks by 200%. It also has a certain chance to create 3 spheres of dark matter around the Paladin. Each sphere increases Critical Chance by 7%.
The cooldown of Onslaught is increased to 25 seconds.