[PC|PS|XBOX] Spoils of War Packs

Phytonides are a powerful enemy, and we need to show those pesky plants what we’re made of. Our scientists have been working tirelessly in their labs to come up with a way of using their own tech against them in the form of Legendary Weapons for the Archer and Revenant classes.

The packs can be found at the in-game Market and bought with Argents until April 8, so there’s plenty of time to save up to use these weapons against the enemy, including the Avatar itself, Machavann.

Root of Evil Pack (17,999 Argents)
• Legendary Weapon: Hydnellum, the Ripping Thorn

• 4,000 Victor’s Medals

• 10 Stimulants
Stems of Wrath Pack (11,999 Argents)
• Legendary Weapon: Ricinus, the Poisonous Claw

• 300,000 Credits

• 7 Days of Premium Time

• 3,000 Knowledge of Enemies


Hydnellum, the Ripping Thorn

This axe was made from the trunk of a still living Entid, so it has certain properties of the giant mushroom: Phytonide spores will help you put your enemies to flight.

  • Gloomy Shadow and Dehydration leave Shadow Spikes on the ground.
  • Destruction detonates all Shadow Spikes in its area of effect, inflicting damage in a 7 yard radius of each spike.

Ricinus, the Poisonous Claw

Sturdy and tough Triffid stems are perfect for bows. Just try not to become a fertilizer while you are getting your hands on this rare and beautiful material.

The bow is charged when your companion is attacking, accumulating the Poison effect. When charge level 4 is reached, Electric Arrows are replaced with Poisonous Arrows which have 3 charge levels.

  • Poisonous Shot deals damage to the enemy, slowing them down and preventing them from using Dash for 12 seconds.
  • Poisonous Storm deals damage to all enemies in the direction of the attack.
  • Poisonous Explosion deals damage to all enemies in a 12 yard radius of the target, dealing 10 times more damage to shields. It also reduces all shields applied to the target 5 times for 15 seconds.