Press Reactions & Accolades

At Gamescom 2014, we had the opportunity get Skyforge in the hands of a lot of press outlets. The reviews & impressions have been posted and we wanted to share some of them with the community!

"there's every reason to give this gorgeous, ambitious and irrefutably triple-A MMO your attention." -

"Skyforge is an ambitious new MMORPG which aims to please gamers." -

"Skyforge is an MMO created from a new proprietary engine that boasts a decent amount of innovation, along with a hefty serving of console style action combat, all wrapped up in one of the best looking packages the genre has ever seen." -

"The new Science-Fiction God-MMO Skyforge counts as one of the MMO-Highlights of this years Gamescom."

Make sure that you sign up for the beta so you have the chance to give us your feedback on Skyforge!