[PS] Enjoy Spring sales!

Enjoy hot Skyforge discounts in the PlayStation Spring Sale! You have a good opportunity to unlock a bunch of classes and save up to 50%! Packs are available on the PlayStation Store until April 13! Will you become a ruthless Berserker, or a cunning Archer? Maybe you love nature and want to become a Grovewalker or do you prefer the mysterious Revenant? It’s your choice! And if you are new to the game, take a look at the Wardens of the Wasteland Collector's Edition — Legendary weapons, Premium status, and in-game currency will help you on your journey.

Grab the following Packs on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 while you can:

Pack Name Discount Discount with PlayStation Plus
Wardens of the Wasteland Collector's Edition 30% 40%
Revenant Collector's Edition 30% 40%
Archer Quickplay Pack 30% 40%
Grovewalker Quickplay Pack 30% 40%
Berseker Quickplay Pack 30% 40%